20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (2024)

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Are you looking for Valentine box ideas for your child’s classroom party this Valentine’s Day? You’re in luck! These creative Valentine boxes feature some favorite characters and some totally adorable themes! Lots of them are so cute that your kiddo will want to keep them long after the holiday!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (1)

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Fun DIY Valentine Boxes for Kids

Trying to figure out what kind of Valentine box to make can be a little overwhelming, but this list of cute and creative Valentine box ideas makes it simple! These boxes are sure to inspire some creative ideas or provide you with some quick and easy templates to recreate these projects.

Even if you’ve waited until the last minute (or your kid waited until the last minute to say he needed one!), you’ll find some super easy (but still totally cute!) ideas here, like the LEGO box, the Pete the Cat box, and the Harry Potter box. You probably have everything you need to make most of these already!

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20+ Adorable Valentine Box Ideas for Kids

Here are 20+ creative and Pinterest-worthy Valentine boxes to make sure your child has the best Valentine’s Day class party ever!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (2)

Birdhouse Valentine Box from Happiness is Homemade: This precious bird-shaped card box is perfect for your little love birds! The Cricut makes it super easy to put together. It’ll make a lovely addition to your Valentine’s Day décor, too!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (3)

Oversize Envelope Valentine Box from That’s What Che Said: This large envelope Valentine box is easy to make and perfect to personalize for your child for their classroom party!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (4)

Pete the Cat Valentine Box from Books and Giggles: Do you have little ones who are obsessed with Pete the Cat? He’s such a fun, lovable character! The printable template makes it easy for kids to make mostly independently, though little ones may need some extra help with the cutting.

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (5)

Harry Potter Valentine Box from Fun Money Mom: Your child may not attend Hogwarts, but this Harry Potter box will definitely win some points at school this year! It’s a pretty simple project to create, and the Gryffindor scarf is the perfect way to complete the look!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (6)

Llama Valentine Box from Artsy Fartsy Mama: Llamas are super popular right now, and you have to admit, this llama box is super cute! It also comes with directions for making coordinating llama treat boxes, so this is the perfect Cricut project to make with the kids. They’ll have so much fun putting the llama treat boxes together for their friends.

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (7)

Rocket Valentine Box from The Joys of Boys: Little boys (and girls!) who love all things space and astronaut-related with have a blast making this rocket card box. It’s a great way to reuse an oatmeal canister, and your kiddo will want to keep it long after Valentine’s Day.

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (8)

Pikachu Valentine Box from The Scrap Shoppe Blog: Pokemon fans will feel so proud taking this to school to collect their valentines! Although this is made with a shipping tube, you could easily adapt it to an oatmeal container or formula canister.

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (9)

Hot Air Balloon Valentine Box from Giggles Galore: What a whimsical way to collect valentines! If you have old Easter baskets, you could easily recycle them for this project. These would also make great little gift baskets for giving candies, treats, and toys to your little ones.

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (10)

Love Train Valentine Box from Where the Smiles Have Been: Reuse some things around the house to make an adorable love train box for Valentines! Use boxes of various sizes and shapes—like shoe boxes, Pringles cans, shipping tubes, toilet paper rolls, and more. Aside from the holiday embellishments, you probably have everything you need already!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (11)

DIY Pom-Pom Valentine Box from Design Improvised: The perfect valentine box! Pick up an inexpensive heart-shaped box from the craft store and cover it with pink, red, and white pom-poms in various sizes. This is an excellent choice for toddlers and preschoolers because after the card slot is cut, all you do is a lot of gluing!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (12)

Shark Valentine Box from Fun Money Mom: You can attach this toothy shark to a bag or box for a fun card catcher that looks like the shark is eating your valentine cards. This is a perfect idea for preschoolers who are into the Baby Shark song, and they’d go great with our free printable Baby Shark Valentine Cards!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (13)

Happy Camper Valentine Box from Suzy’s Artsy Craftsy Sitcom: Any RV’loving family will love making this happy camper box! It’s just adorable, and you’ll want to keep it for years to display in your home away from home!

Monster Valentine Box from Making the World Cuter: Such a great idea for any little girl or boy! Grab some fur fabric from the craft store to make this furry container for your little monster. Your child may need help applying the fur, but the other elements are easy to cut from construction paper.

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (15)

Dinosaur Valentine Box from the Savvy Mama Lifestyle: Any dino-loving kid will be obsessed with this adorable valentine mailbox! You could also add some fire out of the mouth and easily turn this into a dragon box as well.

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (16)

Bee Valentine Box from I Heart Crafty Things: This valentine box will generate a lot of buzz at school! It’s another great project for using up those oatmeal canisters, and it’s pretty darn cute, too!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (17)

LEGO Valentine Box by Red Ted Art: You can’t get much easier than this brilliant LEGO brick box idea! You only need a box, some jug caps, a hot glue gun, a glue stick and paint. Easy peasy!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (18)

Snoopy Valentine Box by Living Mi Vida Loca: This is so clever! A gable box is just perfect for creating Snoopy’s dog house. Bonus: It’s easy to open up at the top to insert cards rather than fussing with cutting an opening!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (19)

Robot Valentine Box by Glue Sticks & Gumdrops: Here’s another cute idea that you can easily create with any boxes that you have on hand. Tissue boxes work out great! And if you don’t have silver paint, cover the boxes in foil or wrapping paper. That’s a time-saver, anyway!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (20)

Taco Valentine Box from Artsy-Fartsy Mama: I’m not sure there there’s anything quite as adorable as this taco card box!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (21)

Cactus Valentine Box from Alice & Lois: This fun Valentine’s box idea can be made from a leftover tissue box, and it uses minimal supplies to make a big impact!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (22)

Rubik’s Cube Valentine Box from Peppermint Plum: Here’s another SUPER fun and cute Valentine box that can be made using really simple, basic materials! This tutorial uses craft foam for the box decorations, but you could also use construction paper or cardstock if you already have that on-hand.

With so many fun Valentine’s Day ideas on this list, we hope you found a little inspiration for your next special Valentines party! Such fun ideas!

20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (23)

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Valentine Box Ideas for Kids

Valentine boxes are often used by children to collect Valentine's Day cards and treats during classroom parties. These boxes can be creatively designed and personalized to reflect the child's interests or favorite characters. This article provides a list of 20+ creative Valentine box ideas for kids. Some of the ideas mentioned include:

  1. Birdhouse Valentine Box
  2. Oversize Envelope Valentine Box
  3. Pete the Cat Valentine Box
  4. Harry Potter Valentine Box
  5. Llama Valentine Box
  6. Rocket Valentine Box
  7. Pikachu Valentine Box
  8. Hot Air Balloon Valentine Box
  9. Love Train Valentine Box
  10. DIY Pom-Pom Valentine Box
  11. Shark Valentine Box
  12. Happy Camper Valentine Box
  13. Monster Valentine Box
  14. Dinosaur Valentine Box
  15. Bee Valentine Box
  16. LEGO Valentine Box
  17. Snoopy Valentine Box
  18. Robot Valentine Box
  19. Taco Valentine Box
  20. Cactus Valentine Box
  21. Rubik's Cube Valentine Box

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Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on February 14th each year. It is commonly associated with romantic love and is a time when people express their affection for one another through gifts, cards, and acts of kindness. Valentine's Day is not limited to romantic relationships and is also celebrated among friends, family members, and in classrooms. It is a popular holiday for exchanging Valentine's Day cards and treats.

Classroom Parties

Classroom parties are often organized in schools to celebrate special occasions like Valentine's Day. These parties provide an opportunity for students to engage in fun activities, exchange cards and treats, and create a festive atmosphere. Valentine boxes are commonly used during these parties to collect cards and treats from classmates.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

DIY, or Do-It-Yourself, refers to the practice of creating or modifying things oneself rather than buying them pre-made or hiring someone else to do it. In the context of the article, the Valentine box ideas are presented as DIY projects that parents and children can work on together to create unique and personalized boxes.


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20+ Creative Valentine Box Ideas (2024)


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