3 arrested after suspect runs over Hillsborough County deputy during traffic stop: 'I'm incensed' (2024)

Suspects arrested days after HCSO deputy was hit

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office says a suspect is under arrest for ramming a deputy with his car last week. Two others are also facing charges, accused of helping him get away.

TAMPA, Fla. - Days after a Hillsborough County deputy was released from the hospital after being run over by a suspect during a traffic stop, the sheriff says three people have been arrested in connection with the investigation.

"I’m incensed that any human being would inflict this type of violence against another human being in our wonderful, special Tampa Bay community. I’m absolutely incensed that this bad guy had zero regard for human life," Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister said during a press conference on Tuesday morning.

According to Chronister, Deputy Kalin Hall was working overtime to take part in HCSO’s impaired driver operation during the Fourth of July holiday.

3 arrested after deputy run over: Full press conference

Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister offers more details after three people were arrested after a suspect ran over a deputy during a traffic stop.

Shortly after midnight on Friday, the sheriff said Hall spotted a BMW that could not stay in the lane. Hall pulled the driver over at the intersection of Nebraska Avenue and Bearss Avenue, and as he was walking up to the vehicle, investigators say it took off.

According to Chronister, Hall did not chase the BMW and turned off his emergency equipment. However, he discovered the vehicle about 25 minutes later backed into a parking space.

Chronister said Hall got out of his car and the driver of the BMW, who has since been identified as William Todd Lewis, Jr. 24, put the vehicle in gear and hit the gas, intentionally striking Hall, and running him over.

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"Knowing that you can’t ram the car, the only pathway to his escape was through the deputy sheriff," Chronister said. "Showing zero regard for human life, making the determination that his eluding arrest was more important than this deputy’s life, he intentionally puts the car in gear, hits the gas, and runs the deputy over, leaving him lying on the side of the road like an injured dog, not knowing how injured he is. How severe are the injuries? Did he kill the deputy sheriff? He didn’t care."

Bodycam video shows HCSO deputy struck by car

Warning: graphic content. Bodycam video released by the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office shows a deputy struck by a suspect he was trying to pull over early Friday morning.

As Lewis drove away, Chronister said he called his girlfriend and told her what had happened. He then ditched the BMW about a mile away.

In turn, she called Lewis’ mother, who picked up her son and drove him home.

Detectives went to the home and when they interviewed Lewis they said he showed zero remorse and asked for an attorney.

An arrest warrant was issued on Monday evening for Lewis, but a surveillance team had been keeping tabs on him and believed he was about to take off again.

Suspect accused over running over deputy arrested

Deputies arrest a man they say ran over a Hillsborough County deputy while he was conducting a traffic stop.

According to Chronister, the surveillance team saw Lewis and his friend get a rental car and watched them fill it up with items from inside the home where Lewis was staying.

Law enforcement officers followed Lewis as his friend drove them into Pasco County.

When the pair stopped at a shopping plaza, deputies arrested both of them.

3 arrested after suspect runs over Hillsborough County deputy during traffic stop: 'I'm incensed' (2)

Courtesy: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Upon his arrest, Lewis told deputies that his mother had given him money, and it was in the back of the car.

"He wasn’t going to church to donate the money," Chronister stated.

Lewis was charged with aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, possession of cannabis more than 20 grams, leaving the scene of a crash with serious bodily injury, reckless driving with serious bodily injury, aggravated fleeing to elude serious bodily injury or death, fleeing to elude a police officer.

3 arrested after suspect runs over Hillsborough County deputy during traffic stop: 'I'm incensed' (3)

Courtesy: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office.

His friend who was driving the rental car, 24-year-old Zachoiry Carnegie, was charged with having a baggie of Xanax that didn’t belong to him.

According to Chronister, Carnegie was out on bond after being arrested by the Tampa Police Department for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, which has since been upgraded to attempted murder.

3 arrested after suspect runs over Hillsborough County deputy during traffic stop: 'I'm incensed' (4)

Courtesy: HCSO

Lewis’ girlfriend, Keilise Garrison, 23, was also arrested. She was charged with accessory after the fact. She deleted all her text messages, so she was also charged with tampering with physical evidence.

"Instead of doing the right thing, Garrison made the conscious decision to conceal Lewis’ involvement. This choice to protect a criminal rather than uphold justice is not only deceitful but also deeply disappointing," said Chronister. "Her selfishly motivated actions undermined the integrity of our investigative efforts and put the community at further risk. For her role in this incident, she will face the full consequences of her actions."

Deputies take suspect accused of injuring deputy to jail

Deputies take a suspect accused of running over a deputy during a traffic stop to jail.

Chronister said he believes Lewis’ charges will be upgraded to attempted murder of a law enforcement officer. He also stated that there would be at least one more arrest in this case.

"Anyone out there who helped this individual that evening or over the next few days to avoid and elude arrest, you are a potential suspect," Chronister shared. "We are looking at you. We are coming for you."

3 arrested after suspect runs over Hillsborough County deputy during traffic stop: 'I'm incensed' (5)

Photo Courtesy: Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

As for Hall, Chronister said he is recovering at home after being treated at Tampa General Hospital for a leg that was broken in two places, a broken ankle, and a stress fracture in the other leg.

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3 arrested after suspect runs over Hillsborough County deputy during traffic stop: 'I'm incensed' (2024)


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