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(Note: Max. Damage means the maximum possible damage, which means that enhancement doesn't apply to them.)




"The blade, whose holder shall be atop the sea, and beyond power."


An obsidian-textured sword, with cracks of aquamarine in it. The handle of it looks like it's made of diamonds and iron.


Ultramarine Sovereignty (ultramarine because the game is literally like 99% sea and ultramarine means beyond the sea):

Every single time the user is dealt 3.5k damage to, the next attack of the sword will have a 25%+ buff on damage, and the next attack received by the user will have a 50%- damage debuff, and the rest of the 50% will be reflected upon the enemy.

Every single time the user deals 5k damage, for the next 17 seconds, the user will have a 15%+ buff on damage in all attacks as well as a 12.5% buff on defense from all attacks.

Cooldown: None

Range: Technically infinite

AoE: None

Ruler's Peak:

Every time the user lands 2 or 3 consecutive attacks, they heal 9% of their HP and gain a 10 second long 40%+ speed buff.

Cooldown: 15 seconds

Range: None

AoE: None


M1 - "Monarch's Dance"

The first M1 is a simple slash, directed upwards, to the right.

The second M1 is also, a simple slash, directed downwards, to the left.

The third M1 are three thrusts, directed forwards.

The fourth M1 is a kick, that deals knockback and causes the enemy form aquamarine crystals on them. (Deals DoT)

Max. Damage (Each M1): 2250, 2250, 3000, 3500 (4300 with DoT)

Cooldown: None

AoE: ?

Range: ?

Can stun: No

Can deal knockback: Only fourth M1

Can break Instinct: No

Multi-target: Yes

Z - "Infinity Blitz"

The user grips Zenith's handle strongly, stretching their legs, readying up for a dash. This action is followed with a green, blue-ish dash through which the user locks onto the enemy and performs several hundreds of black, white, and cyan thrusts and slashes.

All of the thrusts and slashes form a large, aquamarine cross-mark on the enemy, resulting in an impact frame which consists of blue water splashes and 2 crossed swords, similar to the Cursed Dual Katana's "Slayer of Goliath", creating a shockwave, knocking the enemy away.

This move is to be held, and if only tapped, it will result in a few slashes and a shockwave.

Max. Damage: 6100

Cooldown: 12 seconds

AoE: Decent

Range: Good

Can stun: Yes

Can deal knockback: Yes

Can break Instinct: Only the explosion

Multi-target: The lock isn't but the slashes are.

X - "Crowned Ultimatum"

The user summons two aquamarine, tapered (pointy) pillars, (undertale reference?!?!) on which, the enemy and the user stand on. The user strikes Zenith once on an elevated surface (again, summoned by them), which causes the enemy to be impaled by several copies of Zenith, throughout their body.

After this, the user flicks Zenith, resulting in several thousands of slashes scattered throughout a radius of 200 studs, resulting in extremely large damage that annihilates nearby and the inflicted enemy.

This move is to be aimed or aimed near the enemy.

Max. Damage: 7300

Cooldown: 20 seconds

AoE: Magnificent

Range: Good

Can stun: Yes

Can deal knockback: Yes

Can break Instinct: Only the pillars

Multi-target: Only the slashes



Current Max Level


Shadow Sovereign

Awakened One

Immortal Being

The Mad King

Heavenly Devil

Serpent Slayer

True Heart/Bringer of Doom/Realm Creator

3 Legendary Scrolls

12.5K Fragments

6 Million Beli

The Blue Gear


1 Dark Fragment

1 Mirror Fractal

1 Leviathan Heart

Step 1:

Once you've met all the requirements, start looking for a Mirage Island and once again, resonate your Mirror Fractal with the moon (any phase).

Step 2:

The moon will light up brighter even more than before, and befall a singular ray of light on the peak of the island.

Step 3:

Head to the peak, where you will find a MISC. NPC.

Step 4:

Interact with the NPC, and a dialogue will initiate.

"For hours upon hours,

You, brave fighter, searched for power,

With results bitter and sour,

A last resort, a tree, the tallest tower."


"Upon entrance, you fought and never cowered,

For which, you experienced a shower,

A newborn, a beautiful but powerful flower,

Was only left, with everything to devour."


"Now come on, open up the gates,

Come on, bring with you no hate,

Come on, be the one and only cure,

Come on, make the Zenith yours."


Step 5:

After having fully interacted with the NPC, head to the Great Tree's summit and interact with the NPC located over there.

A dialogue will initiate.

"A strong force repels you, despite that your willpower doesn't let it affect you."


Step 6:

You will be teleported to a monochrome dimension, "<???>", where you will find a chess table, isolated in the center.

Step 7:

Once seated on one of the chairs, a chess game, along with a Raid Timer of 10 minutes, will initiate.

Step 8:

You must defeat the unknown opponent in the game of chess under the given 10 minutes, if not, you will be teleported back to the Great Tree's summit and will have to wait 24 hours to retry.

Step 9:

After defeating your opponent, the dimension will shatter and you will be teleported to the <Temple of Time>. Your Dark Fragment will turn into Shard of Solstice (mythical).

Step 10:

Head to the center of the trial area, and place the Shard of Solstice on a grail that lies there.

Step 11:

Wait until a full moon aligns with the grail, after which, a strong laser will appear, opening up a portal after which, you have to enter it.

Step 12:

After entrance, you will find yourself to be in either a Light, a Quake or a Dark raid.

You must complete the raid successfully and move forward to the quest.

Step 13:

Depending on the raid you completed, your Leviathan Heart will convert into either a Luminous Core (Light), a Herculean Heart (Quake) or an Abyssal Essence (Dark).

Step 14:

Head to the Haunted Castle and interact with a reborn Ghost NPC (in the hidden library), then head to the Kingdom of Roses' giant tree, and interact with a Phantom NPC (dark blue and translucent), and finally head to the Fountain City's peak and interact with the Mightiest Sovereign (dark purple in color). A dialogue will initiate.

"So, it was you, the power-seeking one, the one who looked to be king?" (sovereign)

"That's right." (you)

"I see. You must have the power and guts if you've reached this far. You and I shall have a test of strength, in order to see who truly is befitting of the title of "King"." (sovereign)

"Of course." (you)

Step 15:

After this point, you and the Mightiest Sovereign will be teleported to the First Sea's Colosseum, where you must defeat him. (He uses Zenith)

Step 16:

Once you've defeated the Mightiest Sovereign, you will be teleported back to the Fountain City's Peak and once again, interact with the Mightiest Sovereign. A dialogue will initiate.

"Haha! You're very strong. I have to admit, you truly are befitting of the title of "King". Very well, I shall bestow you upon the power of a sovereign. After all, I was about to retire and was about to just call it quits, but I see that you have potential." (sovereign)

"Great." (you)

"Alright, you can take this sword, Zenith. But a sovereign also has to have riches, am I right? Don't worry I'll hand it to you for cheap. Just 12,500 fragments and 6,000,000 beli!" (sovereign)

"Sure... here you go." (you)

Step 17:

Start rockin'.

(Note: The material that the Leviathan Heart got converted into can change the color of Zenith and it's moves, it makes it darker, lighter, brighter or sharper, you can change it in your inventory by using a special mechanism for Zenith and Zenith only.)

7.5k characters goddamn

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hihi zenith concept (sword konsept, #3, also i did this one because it was the most voted that time) | Fandom (2024)


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